EAT-MIX - "It's the 90's, baby" - part 3

E assim termina a minha tentativa de provar que os anos 90 não foram só os anos do grunge, das camisas de flanela e das boys bands. Este é o terceiro e último volume com as melhores bandas garage-punk dos anos 90.


Aerobitch - Steamroller Blues
Nashville Pussy - Go Motherfucker Go
Spider Babies - Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die
The Chronics - First Time, Best Time
Boss Hog - Soultrap
People's Court - We're Gonna Die
Eunuchs - Stupid Goddamn Son of a Bitch
The Donnas - Get Rid Of That Girl
The Jewws - Stand In Line
Fireworks - My Love is Petrified
The Mants - Friends to None
T.V. Killers - Pin Up Make Up
The Gories - Nitroglycerine
The Spites - Cheap Beer, Fast Cars & Girls
Thundercrack - Suck me dry
Piolines - Insomnio
77 - Weekend Punks
The Phantom Rats - So Lonely
The Leather Uppers - Sugar Sandwich
The Zodiac Killers - Suicide
The Problematics - Bad Habit
Last Sons Of Krypton - I Want Action
Baseball Furies - Bow To Me
Intimate Fags - Break The Back
Head - Do You Remember Me
Red Aunts - Whatever
The Spoiled Brats - No I Don't
Sonny Vincent - Knifeman
The Shifters - Cat Burglar
Cee Bee Beaumont - Deadshot
De Stipjes - Hey Mr.
Mudhoney - Who You Drivin' Now
The Brides - Bad Attitude
The Halfways - (she's a) Heart Attack
The No-Talents - Sick In The Head
The Swindlers - You're Drivin' Me Wild

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