Eat Mix - "It's the 90's, baby" - part 1

Mix-tape com o melhor dos anos 90!! Não esperes encontrar camisas de flanela, bandanas e música grunge. Os anos 90 foram muito mais do que isso e podes ouvir a primeira parte do melhor dos anos 90, agora!!


The Onyas - Nightrider
Los Ass-Draggers - Treat Me Like a King
Devil Dogs - gonna be my girl
The Wonky Monkees - Le Cowboy De Minuit
The Hives - I'm a Wicked One
The Spaceshits - Cassie
Didjits - Who's Ready To Get High
Oblivians - Strong Come On
Gasoline - Max Volume
The Morning Shakes - Frankenstein Girl
The Makers - White bread
Teengenerate - Dressed in Black
Tédio Boys - Nha Nha Nha
Country Teasers - Thank you god for making me an angel
Murder City Devils - Dance Hall Music
Registrators - Chainsaw Love
Thee Headcoats - I'm Hurtin'
New Bomb Turks - Long Gone Sister
Loli & The Chones - Make Out Party
Gasolheads - I Hate You (Yeah Yeah!)
Compulsive Gamblers - Pepper Spray Boogie
The Drags - My Girlfriend's In The F.B.I.
The Screws - You're Just a Bum
Butthole Surfers - Goofy's Concern
The Coyote Men - Primitive Urge!
The Mummies - (you must fight to live) on the planet of the apes
Reatards - Stacey
The Wongs - Painful Love
Guitar Wolf - Can-Nana Fever
The Weird Lovemakers - Mr 420
The Statics - Dance Baby Dance
The Cramps - Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs
The Browns - Blood Sucking Freaks
Armitage Shanks - Shirts Off
Beguiled - The Screaming Rummy

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